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Do you want to know the secret behind those eye-catching headlines? A damn good copywriter. A good copywriter knows how to make you continue reading. I will help you write that extraordinary headline for your brand. With experience in culture and technology, I can help you write copy in a variety of industries. Whether you’re looking for short copies (banners or product descriptions) or longer such as an ad campaign, then hire me! I don’t just write for you, I will research, be your SEO specialist, and use my own special skills to bring you great and professional copywriting.


Content writing

Do you need specialised content to your brand? Help to get your target audience rushing to your webpage? These days the written word is more important than ever. Readers need easy to read content. Every page has a specific audience and that requires a different kind of content. Perhaps your brand needs a writer to explain a complicated subject. I will write specifically to your target audience in a way they’ll understand.
I am a published writer and have written both for print and online.


I have experience translating from English to Swedish, Norwegian and Danish. My native language is Swedish, and I will gladly help you reach the Swedish market and translate your content. With experience translating web pages, reviews and product descriptions I will be able to help you in a variety of texts. I will give you high-quality translations.

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English and Swedish


Blog Posts, newsletters and product descriptions.

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