This post is going to be a part of my everyday lifestyle series. Where I tell you guys something about myself. So this blog is going to be about (drum roll)

My 4 favorite YouTubers and why.

Yes, I will tell you my top four Youtubers and why I follow them, and why you should too.

Lucy Wood

I find Lucy through one of my other favorite YouTubers and she is promoting herself as an average person. I love her! She is crazy about Harry Potter and stationary, like me. Her videos are always funny and she talks about life in general and mistakes that we all make. She is very down to earth and whenever she has a new video up, I watch it immediately (even when I am working). She is also a freelancer like me, so I can relate to her a lot.

Do check her out and her video about Bullet Journaling, it's one of my favorites.

You should watch if you;

Love stationary
Harry Potter
Remote work
Great Hauls


I have no idea how I ended up watching Gabby's videos but here I am writing about her in my top four! Not only is she funny, she also has an amazing singing voice! I was completely blown away the first time I heard her sing. So what makes her stand out? Her honesty about life and her humor. Gabriella takes pictures of herself even when she thinks she looks bad. She also has a beautiful cat with her (fellow crazy cat lady right here). She has an easy take on life and she always buys nice things, so when you need inspiration for your home, check her out! She has amazing taste.

You should watch if you,

Love fashion
And decoration

 Helen Anderson

Helen is the first YouTuber I started following. I love her enthusiasm and her passion. She is a bit crazy and I love it. Whenever she goes shopping or has a haul I always watch that, she has a personal style to die for! She has a long Youtube career and I haven't watch it all…yet, but will someday. She has developed a lot throughout the years and it is great to see how far she come to finding herself and her voice.

You should watch her if you,

Love personal style
Big personality
Great homeware
And music

Ariel Bissett

This is the newest of the top four. I love to read, former literature student here. She reviews books in a very funny way. She also has an awesome podcast! It is called Portrait of a Freelancer and it's about her start in freelancing, perfect right? Ariel is just starting out, like me, so it's encouraging and also nice to hear someone going through it as well. It can be a daunting world out there people.

You should watch her if you,

Love books
Learn more about freelancing
And get inspiration on what to read next!

That was my top 4 Youtubers. Hope you enjoyed reading about them and let's go watch!

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