We all have them

After Easter and all that food what another way than to discuss bad habits. I have many. These are habits taken from my childhood or by experience in life, or just being from me.

1 Cola

The first and everlasting bad habit of mine. I have since I have little had a slight love affair with cola and it has since then become an addiction. Sadly. I have tried oh so many times to split up this relationship. But it is my form of coffee and comfort. I know it´s bad for me and I drink it anyway. But I have tried to drink more water and decrease my beloved drink to make my skin look less dull and sad.

How to make the bad habit of cola less of a habit?

I've had this addiction for years and trust me, I've tried a lot of things. Drink more water, only drink on weekends and just forget all about it. Sometimes it works and sometimes not. The thing I noticed works for me is to decrease the bottles. Start to drink less in that way as a start. Since I still work full-time at a boring office job I get extremely hungry (annoyed) when I get home. And how to resolve it? Treat myself to something sweet, since I don’t like candy or something similar, I go for cola. This is something that hopefully changes once I start freelancing full-time and have time to work my own hours.

2 Overthinking

I am great at this. Oh, wait a minute…am I? Because I must have read about this before? Or wait maybe it's not really an addiction? And the list goes on. I’m an expert in overthinking a subject or actions repeatedly. I like to think about things one step or two further in my mind, what can go wrong and so on. One thing, I usually reply to emails very quickly, and I tend to get extremely tense or nervous if someone is slow in replying to me. It doesn’t matter if they have something else to do or need some time to think. It's not logical and I know that. But sometimes I get the feeling that it's personal and that’s so stupid because it's not (probably).

How to overcome this?

Try to keep my logical side of my brain thinking instead. I try to keep track of when I send the email the first time and then write back after a week or so. Usually, that works but sometimes it happens that they don’t reply at all, which I have learned is fine, sometimes it sucks but there are always other times.

3 Procrastinating

I think a lot of people can relate here. You know exactly what you need to do and probably how long it will take to do and yet what happens, nothing usually. Or a lot of everything else. You would assume someone who’s been studying for 6 years knew how to not procrastinate. No.

What do I do to do more?

Since I began freelancing and started to get busier I started to love bullet journaling more. I need to be creative and using a bullet journal gets me creative but also on target. Well, sometimes I do forget stuff and I believe a lot of people do but the thing is to keep track. I usually do my weekly spread every Sunday and I can get stuck on the design sometimes, but its fun to draw and make it personal. I always have my weekly tasks and goals. Keep a mood tracker as well or I change it to something else. The whole point of it is, do whatever works for you.

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