How freelancing made me a better and happier person


Trapped in a cubicle

That title is spot on! I do feel that after, a long time when I started freelancing. When I started to realise that I didn’t want to spend my life trapped in a cubicle at an office and work under a boss.

I could not stand having “the Mondays” and just longing for Friday every week and wait for holidays. I wanted to make my own hours and rules. And sure, I knew that meant hard work, but it's worth it! Working for myself in my own home is worth a lot more than an office job.

I love the movie “Office Space” because for me it's very similar to how I feel. (I tend to post office space gifs all the time btw). And in the end, he chose not to go back and choose something which makes him happier. For him, it wasn’t freelancing, but he realised what he couldn’t do for the rest of his life.

I never say that an office work is much worse than freelancing, the thing is to find what makes you happy. For me, it was not having to dread those early mornings and long days until those two days of the weekend. And then start all over again.

That goal gave me a determination to wake up and work harder. Right now, I’m looking forward to going down part-time at my current 8-5 office job. And be able to do that after only two months freelancing instead of 12 feels great.

And now that I start part-time I will have more time for learning new skills and getting new clients!

I feel a lot less stressed thinking about the future and more excited. Sure, it makes me scared, but you know what? You can always go back. You will learn new skills and use these skills in everyday life. That’s worth a lot in today's market.

I love to read success stories and the stories I have read is that the people who are already successful, started just like me. With doubts and worries but they never regret it. And I believe to make it work, you just need that goal.


So, what makes you happy? Is it freelancing or something completely else?

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