How my niche found me


The jungle of niches

Hello, this time I want to talk about something that I believe a lot of freelancers heard before, finding a niche. When I first started out in November all I heard was “find a niche, FIND A NICHE!!” Oh well, nobody yelled at me but that’s how it felt.

It stressed me out and I had so much stuff in my head, from history to smart homes. From Victorian times to futuristic times. I was all over the place.

I wanted to write, so I wrote an article about Lewis Carroll and the real Alice, which you can read here (if you like).

I do love history and culture, it’s something that I've passion about and been studying, so that’s a plus. But then something happened.

I live in Sweden, so the translation road is always an option and one of my services, and one day a tech website was looking for translators. I applied, and I got it and was way excited.

But then I noticed that other tech companies got interested in me and I started to develop this interest and knowledge about the tech industry and games.

After a while I realized I didn’t really choose a niche, the niche chose me (heavy stuff I know).

And I realized that you shouldn’t panic like I did, that you don’t have a niche just yet. Wait and it might fall into your lap.

The thing that helped me was to join different groups with freelance gigs. Job boards newsletter and so on. You can develop a passion you didn’t even realize you had, or an interest that turned in to a profession.

Google is your friend

Some people know immediately what niche, and a profitable niche as well they want to go for! And that’s great, but for some, it takes a while. You Google your brains out to find a profitable niche that doesn’t sound complicated or utterly boring. Sure, if you get a writing gig that’s about something you don’t know much about you can research it. But enough is enough, you need to write about something that will turn on a fire inside of you (and pay the bills).

But you should not be afraid to take a walk on the wild side. While I love tech, I also like culture, and my first published article was in that niche. You should not feel trapped within one niche. But also, not all over the place, like I was in the beginning.

Just keep your eyes (and mind) open to new things. Apply for a job that sounds interesting and before you know it, you have a whole new niche you can brag about. And then after that first step, it's not that scary anymore. It might be. But you have a little bit more to fall back on.

Then you get another gig in that niche, and another one and another one and so on.

So how can you make your niche find you? You never know what happens, but this is how I did it.

  • Dig deep and discover what your passion is, and then a couple of more niches.
  • Join freelance gigs groups on Facebook and other social media.
  • Sign up for newsletters.
  • Keep your eyes open, opportunities are everywhere!

Oh, and another thing, keep an updated LinkedIn profile. A lot of potential clients look there and you look extremely professional with a good one.

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