My Journey Edinburgh


The wonderful city of Edinburgh

Hi! Long time no seen. Recently I’ve been to Edinburgh. Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities. I love it so much. It’s the culture, history, and…shopping. It´s winter here in Sweden so to go to Edinburgh where it was the beginning of spring was amazing. So, what did I do? The first day was interesting. While I was on the train to the airport in Sweden I find out my plan got cancelled. Full panic. This has never happened before. I have missed flights before, so this didn’t get to me this much because this time it wasn’t my fault. And it went really well, I got there in the end. However, when we (my boyfriend and I) got to Edinburgh we had a hard time finding the bed and breakfast we were was staying at. To be fair, it was raining and dark so that made it harder. But I can highly recommend where I stayed, Straven Guesthouse, they were amazing and served such a delicious breakfast and had such a great view watching the ocean. At the end of the first day, we took a nice stroll by the beach and went of course, to our first pub, where I ate a burger. The second day I just had to go shopping and I did. We walked a lot and enjoyed Edinburgh’s beautiful environment. We once again ate at a lovely pub and I ate…a burger. The third day we decided to do culture and went to the national history museum of Edinburgh and Peoples story. And went to one of my new favourite places Mary Kings Close tour! I was amazed! Great guide and if you want to know more about Edinburgh underground, this is the place. I almost missed it because the entry isn’t that big, but it's on Royal Mile and doesn’t miss it if you’re a history buff or just want to have a mysterious tour. We also went out to different pubs during the evening and I had my first whiskey (I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t great). We didn’t leave the city centre though, we walk mostly around Princes street and went up to the castle to watch the view.

My recommendations

What I can highly recommend with Edinburgh is the culture, and if you love history and old buildings (like me) you will love the old houses and that it has kept a lot of the old Edinburgh. If you want shopping you can go to Princes street and you have a bunch of them to satisfy your every need. When it comes to where you should stay, it's up to you. This time we choose a bed and breakfast and I loved it. It was close to the ocean and had a great view and service. But one time I stayed in an apartment at the end of Royal Mile and I liked that too, so if you want to cook your own meal and don’t want to think about when breakfast is served, I highly recommend that. If you want to relax and you’re not going to spend a lot of time in the room its great to have a hotel or bed and breakfast. And since we didn’t live in the city center it was calmer, yet close.

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