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The side hustle life

I am a freelance writer but only as a side hustle now. But I don’t see it as a side hustle. I see it as the start of my passion and dream. However, that does not mean I don’t struggle occasionally. I recently started my side hustle as a translator and I love it! But I do work another full-time job. A lot of freelancers start off like this so I’m not alone. But it sometimes feels like it. I try to keep them separate but sometimes I spend the lunch translating. I see this as my start of something new and better.

When I was little I was the shy kid. You know the one sitting in the back and doodling. The one that was also bullied for being weird. I wanted to be myself and that was bad according to the “cool” kids in school. I never made myself into someone else. But what I did was, I wrote. When nobody wanted to talk to me in school I wrote. And I still write, and now it's my passion and future career.

When I realized that I wanted to become a writer I didn’t know I wanted to start my own company. After working in an office for a couple of months, I didn’t just decide that it wasn’t for me, but I wanted to start a company. And I wasn’t the business type at all. I always thought those people who wanted to start their own company were mad. But anything can change.

Then when I finally started there were also a lot of paperwork but also excitement. What will happen now, will I be poor? Or will it go kind of…good? It went rather well.

So here I am, an entrepreneur and scared. No, just kidding. A little.

But what about the side-hustle? Well, it’s hard I won’t lie. But planning is everything. I work as a freelancer every evening and every weekend. I can be cool one day but that all depends on how well I do the tasks. And if I can keep my deadline. But as long as I’m doing it for something bigger I love it.

My side hustle gives me plenty to do, but I have also learned the joy to work remotely and anywhere I wish. Recently I was in Edinburgh and was able to work from there (but I also had fun). That’s the thing I love about it, work everywhere and anytime. But I must say, it was hard to stay motivated abroad. But I kept myself motivated by thinking that this is what I want my future to be.

Keep looking at that goal

I think that’s why I don’t look like it as hard work. When I feel less motivated I think about the early, early mornings I must wake up to go to my full – time job. And all sudden I've motivated again. (funny that).

So, if you just keep that goal ahead it will make all the difference. I keep a bullet journal where I write down each week’s special tasks. It's important to be organized.

In that, I can stay clear on what I must do and make my freelancing way easier. Because it can be very hard work.

To sum it all up, side hustle, any kind, is hard work. But it can be easier if you:

  • Have a goal
  • Know what you want to do
  • Keep yourself organized
  • Also, keep your mind sane.

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